What Is Travertine?

travertine floor tilesOne of the oldest and most admired buildings in the world – the Roman Colosseum – was made with several substances still in use today. One of those is travertine.

Travertine is a type of limestone. It is formed from calcium carbonate deposits, usually when making contact with the mouth of a hot spring. It is very prominent in Italy, which accounts for why the Romans used it in building the largest amphitheatre of the day.

Being a natural stone, travertine is sometimes called travertine marble, though it really isn’t a marble. It does have marble-like qualities, however. It can look like marble, and it’s definitely hard like marble. But it’s less expensive. Travertine tiles can add a touch of class to any construction in a way that other natural stones can only dream of, which makes it a nice alternative to marble.

The Roman Colosseum was made mostly from travertine, but in its construction the Romans also used cement, bricks, marble, and tile for the floors and walls.

If you want a beautiful natural stone tile for your patio, basement, or interior floor, then travertine is a great option. It’s a very durable stone, which you can see by visiting the Roman Colosseum. A variety of patterns are available. Visit one of the Eco Depot showrooms to see a sample of travertine floor tile.