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Travertine Tile Flooring in Montreal

Travertine tile flooring for sale from Éco Dépôt is an affordable investment that will add value to your home.

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to marble? Travertine floor tile is right for you.

Often used as floor tile, travertine is a classic sedimentary rock used when durability is a key requirement. It is so durable, in fact, that it was used in the construction of the Roman Coliseum and has survived for nearly two thousand years. Please see our online tile showroom to see how striking travertine tile really is.

Often confused with marble or called travertine marble, travertine is its own type of rock. Travertine is often confused for marble because of its similar glow and classy look. It is a more affordable option but still offers the elegance often associated with a marble floor.

Depending on the particular patterns you prefer, travertine can be cut to create two very distinct looks - a uniform pattern, and a more tiger-striped look which is created when the tile is cut with or against the grain. Éco Dépôt carries both varieties in many colors for you to choose from. Come visit one of our three Montreal area tile showrooms to see just how beautiful this durable tile will be in your home. Our tile floor design experts will be happy to assist you with ideas for designing your new or remodeled room in travertine.