Improve The Value Of Your Home Using Travertine Floor Tiles

Travertine comes from the marble family and it looks equally as good.Travertine is a natural stone that comes from the limestone family. Marble is another natural stone that comes from the same family, with travertine sitting between limestone and marble when it comes to age and hardness.  Marble and traveretine are different in look with minerals playing a much larger role in travertine’s finished look. One way to improve a home’s value is by installing quality flooring, and travertine certainly comes under that classification.

The Roman Coliseum is one building that can be used as an indication of the durability of travertine. Where many other stone types would have crumbled and turned to dust by now, travertine stone used in the building of the Roman Coliseum has hardly worn at all. While it is a durable stone, it is not totally impervious to water and it acidic liquids can create bad stains if not cleared quickly. In general, having travertine tiles that have been sealed will help to ensure a longer life on your floors.

If you are looking for a floor tile that delivers earthy tones, then nothing does it as well as travertine. The natural earthy tones range from off-white and pale ivory to shades of red and brown. You can also find travertine in shades of silver and reds.

You can find a wide range of uses for travertine tiles ranging from the traditional floor tile through to wall tiles, benchtops and bathroom vanities. Travertine that has been sealed is also a good choice for shower cubicles and around bathtubs.

When looking to buy travertine tiles, buyers should be conscious of the quality of tile available. During creation, travertine is subjected to gas pressures, which create bubbles throughout the stone. Poorer quality travertine tiles have a lot of ‘bubbles’, which have been filled by manufacturers prior to shipping to sellers. Good quality travertine will still have some bubbling, however, it is not severe (it actually adds to the textured finish) and hasn’t been filled. Talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt for more advice on buying quality travertine tiles.