Travertine Tile – The Elegance Of Marble At A Smaller Price

travertine floor tiles deliver a marble effect at a much lower costTravertine is a natural stone that has been used for flooring for thousands of years. Modern travertine tiles often come with a glossy finish and can be confused with marble tile. They are actually two entirely different types of stone, and when it comes to value for money, travertine can often be the wiser choice.

If you need a strong durable tile, then travertine tiles are certainly a good choice. Travertine is a tough sedimentary stone that withstands traffic, weather, and most cleaning products. When making tiles, travertine can be cut with or against the grain.  When cut with the grain, the tile takes on that marble like finish. When cut against the grain, travertine tiles bare a very distinctive striped tiger like pattern. The wear and longevity are the same no matter which way the tile is cut.

You can use travertine anywhere in a home or business. Travertine can be used to great effect outdoors, or when combing an indoor-outdoor living area. Travertine’s durability is appreciated in kitchens where it will withstand almost anything thrown at it – at least, anything accidentally dropped on it.

The downside to travertine is that it can be tough to cut without the right equipment. If you have an awkwardly shaped area to tile, you may need to engage a professional floor tiler, or hire/buy the necessary cutting equipment. It is best to discuss your tile flooring needs with an expert before buying travertine floor tiles. Our friendly experts at Éco Dépôt can help you select the right tile for your floor. We stock both types of travertine tiles and have them on display for easy viewing. If you like the look of marble, consider travertine tiles; you can achieve a simple finish at a much lower price.