Travertine Floor Tiles – The Affordable Marble Tile Alternative

Travertine floor tiles have a marble look without the marble price tagIf you’re a fan of marble floor tiles but can’t afford their price, then travertine floor tiles could be the answer. Often confused with marble, travertine comes from the same family and has many similarities, however, it is a stone type of it’s own, and in many situations is a better option than marble. Travertine is not a new tile either. It has been around since Roman times and some of the original travertine floors are still in existence today – that certainly gives credence to travertine’s durability.

Travertine floor tiles are available in two different styles. Like many stones, travertine has a grain, and tiles can be cut either with that grain or against the grain. Travertine tiles that have been cut with the grain have a uniform pattern whilst those that have been cut against the grain have tiger stripe finish. When polished, travertine tiles have a marble-like appearance – a glowing elegance that has class written all over it .

If you are looking for a hard tile that will take a lot of punishment, then travertine is a good choice. Travertine floor tiles  are suitable  for both residential and commercial floors and are commonly available in earthy tones ranging from almost white and pale ivory to rich shades of red and brown.

The tile experts at Éco Dépôt are only too happy to show you the range of travertine floor tiles available. They can help you with design ideas, installation guides and advice on how to maintain a travertine to gain decades of service from your new floor. Travertine tiles deliver a quality marble-like floor without the marble-like price tag – no wonder it’s become a popular choice for homes and commercial floors.