Holey Travertine – You’ve Got Character

Travertine is a natural stone that delviers a beautiful finishTravertine is a natural stone that comes from the same family as marble. Travertine is handled a little differently to marble in that it is often tumbled smooth before being cut into tile sizes. In its natural state, travertine is a rock that can look a little like Swiss cheese but on a smaller scale. Many people prefer the look of completely smooth travertine floor tiles – these are the ones that have few if any holes or pits. For others, those tiny pits are what add to the character of the floor tile.

Some suppliers fill those small holes with a paste in order to hide them. This won’t damage the tiles, however, that paste will break down over time, and that look can be somewhat worse than the original look. Synthetic resins don’t polish very well either, so the finished look can be rather inconsistent. Take extra care when looking at travertine floor tiles to ensure you’re not receiving floor tiles that have been overfilled.

There is a simple solution, and that is to accept that natural travertine will have small blemishes, like pitting.  Rather than dismissing these tiles, consider the character that these blemishes bring to your flooring. Travertine floor tiles can be found in earth tones ranging from almost white and pale ivory to rich shades of red and brown. The distinctive finish of travertine can create a very distinguished look, making it a suitable choice for most rooms in the home, including the kitchen and bathroom. Travertine floor tiles are well suited to both commercial and residential use.

Come into one of our tile showrooms if you want to see what travertine floor tiles look like. You’ll be surprised at the range of colors and textures available and, when installed into your home, how beautiful it can look.