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Wood Like Porcelain Tile

Wood like porcelain tile is an excellent flooring material that combines the natural beauty of wood with the high quality of porcelain. Here at Éco Dépôt, we want to help you create the best floors possible for your Montreal home.

Natural Beauty

Porcelain tiles that look like wood are engineered to be long-lasting, while still retaining the natural elegance of wood. Wooden floors add a traditional beauty to any room, whether it’s a cozy rustic den or a high-end formal dining room. The swirling grain and colorful finishes make the floor unique while adding a touch of the outdoors to the home.

Engineered Strength

Natural wood, though, can be susceptible to wear and damage, which is why faux wood flooring is becoming so popular. Our porcelain tile hardwood look products appear the same as real wood, but with even more advantages. Wood look porcelain tile is incredibly durable, made from inert materials that will stand the test of time. This makes it an excellent choice for replacing flooring in high-traffic areas like hallways or for remodeling basement and kitchen floors.

High Resistance

Porcelain is impervious to water, and is very difficult to damage. When properly laid it will not warp or break. Our wood look like porcelain flooring has been tested for its durability, and will resist:

  • Scratching
  • Extreme temperature variation
  • Moisture
  • Harsh chemicals or other spills

Top Quality

Here at Éco Dépôt, we want you to have the best, which is why all of our products are made with quality in mind. Our imitation wood porcelain tiles are designed to give you the best possible value. Our flooring has been engineered to be anti-slip, with studs, ribs, or abrasive grit keeping everything in place. In addition, it’s easy to clean and care for, allowing you to create a high-sanitation environment with little maintenance.

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Wood like floor tiles are a great choice for any home. If you’d like to enjoy their natural beauty and engineered strength, then come to one of our showrooms. Call us at one of our three store locations, or contact us online . Our designers are happy to help you make your home the best it can be.