Wood-look Porcelain Flooring Adds Style to Any Home

Everyone loves the look that high-quality wood flooring brings to your home. It just makes everything look and feel better. By feel better, I mean the ability to look over a room in your home and have a sense of pride and a feeling of comfort, as well as being able to take in the beauty of your new wood flooring.

However, actual wood flooring is very high maintenance. Wood flooring isn’t as water-resistant as we would like. Around moisture, such as areas with high-humidity or full bathrooms.

With wood flooring, to keep its beauty, you also have periodic refinishing to worry about. Noisy footsteps are something most people don’t think about when installing wood floors. Wood doesn’t absorb sound, so footsteps are louder than other flooring solutions.

Scratches is also a concern. No matter how well you maintain your hardwood floors, it’s inevitable that some damage will occur. If you have pets, expect more wear and tear that can be expensive to repair.

Wood-look Porcelain Flooring Is The Best Solution

Porcelain wood-look tiles are harder and much more durable than hardwood floors. They are very low-maintenance, quieter, and last almost forever. Choosing wood-look porcelain flooring is more of a permanent solution. Unlike hardwood flooring, porcelain tiles are resistant to moisture and sun damage. Everyone loves the beauty of natural hardwood flooring, however, with wood-look porcelain tiles, you get the same beauty without the high-maintenance of wood flooring.

Are Wood-look Porcelain Tiles Just For Residential Use?

No. Porcelain tiles that have the look of natural wood are used in both residential and commercial construction and remodeling. They are great for high-traffic areas, bathrooms, kitchens and showrooms. There are even wood-look porcelain tiles that can be used on your patio, gardens, walkways and around your pool.

Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Home Or Business

There is a lot of variety when it comes to porcelain tiles, different styles and patterns. Most porcelain tile that you choose is available locally. Eco Depot Ceramic is located in Montreal and we serve customers in the west island of Montreal, Laval, the South Shore and surrounding areas. Visit one of our retail showrooms and our in-store professionals can help you design your wood-look porcelain floors for your home or business.