Why You Shouldn’t Lay Marble Yourself

marble wall tilesMarble is one of the most beautiful substances in the world. As a flooring material, it can make any room look incredible. However, there is one thing about marble that makes it a very poor DIY project – especially if you’ve never worked with it before.

The design patterns in marble are very intricate. This is where the natural beauty of marble comes from. But it’s quite a chore to match those patterns in a way that makes the entire floor look crafty.

The expert recommendation is to get all your marble tiles from the same batch. Otherwise, you could have some awkward-looking designs.

Flooring experts like to lay the marble tiles out across the entire room before adding grout because you can get a feel for what the room looks like. If you don’t like a certain section, you can move tiles around to get the room looking the way you like. Having an eye for floor design is an essential part of laying marble floors. Beginners usually don’t have that eye.

After you lay your marble floor, you’ll have to spend some time on care and maintenance. Marble is delicate. You have to seal it and clean it on a regular basis.

Marble also comes with special cleaning solvents. You want to stay away from chemicals and use only cleaners based on mild detergents. Wipe spills up immediately and never set a wet glass on the marble tile directly or you’ll end up with a ring. If you do it right, your marble floor will be the talk of the town.

By the way, this is just as true for marble vanities, backsplashes, and wall tiles.