Why Does Marble Tile Stay Popular?

marble tileMarble flooring conjures up images of palaces and monuments because we see it used in displays of opulence around the world and in many cultures. It also was traditionally used in public buildings like hospitals and schools; many institutions built in the late nineteenth century utilized marble flooring as a sanitary surface.

The characteristic patterning in marble tile comes from the unique locations it was formed in and add to its appeal. Since each tile is cut from a larger chunk of stone, it should be laid out before installing so that you are sure of placement. It is helpful to rearrange the tiles a few times to see alternate layouts. Each marble tile is slightly different, even though they come from the same location.

The use of marble flooring will mean learning to maintain it correctly, but it also will mean having a floor that is an all-natural material, eco-friendly and unique. The slightly translucent quality of marble creates a glow even when the tile is darker in color, while lighter colors of marble are prized for the way reflections play off the surface.

Installing marble floor tile enhances the value of the home. It stays popular because it can be considered a classic, timeless choice for many types of architecture and yet can give a completely modern edge. If you are interested in marble tile flooring, come in to our Montreal showrooms and ask for a session with one of our expert designers. We can show you the many styles of popular marble tile flooring available and discuss the pros and cons of each type.