Why Marble Is So Expensive

marble tile in bathroomsOne of the most expensive types of floor materials is marble. It’s also one of the more durable and more beautiful flooring materials. The benefits to laying marble on your floors are numerous.

  • Marble is one of the most durable, enduring building substances. The ancient Greeks used marble in their buildings and you can visit some of these historic masterpieces even today to witness for yourself the enduring qualities of marble flooring.
  • You immediately experience a rise in value to any home or building where marble is used as flooring. Don’t consider marble an expense. Instead, think of it as an investment.
  • Say goodbye to allergies. Where carpet is known to collect dust and pet dander, marble flooring can be easily clean with a dust mop. People who live and walk on marble floors don’t see as many allergies.
  • Marble is also stain- and scratch-resistant. If you care for your marble floors properly, they will last a long time and remain damage free.
  • Marble is resistant to moisture, which makes it great for flooring bathrooms and kitchens.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ll see dance floors made of marble, these qualities are the reasons why. Marble is easy to scoot across, doesn’t collect the dust from heavy traffic like other types of flooring, and is easy to clean after the boots have kicked over it for the evening.

Marble flooring may be expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the expense.