Why Ceramic Floor Tile Is Smart for Bathrooms

Ceramic tiles for bathroom floors are a perennial favorite with homeowners, and for good reason. This classic material has been around for decades, and the options for customization seem endless. Here are four good reasons why you should used ceramic floor tile for your bathroom remodel.

Low Maintenance
For some homeowners, the idea of anything other than ceramic floor tile in a bathroom is unthinkable. It is a breeze to clean, and it does not stain or retain odors. What more could you want for your bathroom?

Safe Footing
While a gloss finish for wall tiles in a bathroom is standard, floor tiling should have a textured finish to prevent falls. Luckily, floor tile is available in a variety of textures, not just a slippery shine.

Moisture Resistance
Bathrooms are not only a high traffic area, but they also can get and stay wet. Carpet or wood flooring in a bathroom is not going to last as long as ceramic tile, which can stand up to the humid atmosphere of the average bathroom.

Endless Variety
With so many styles, sizes, shapes, textures, and colors, ceramic floor tile can give every homeowner a custom look. Shop around to get a sense of what appeals to you and fits your budget before you make your selection.

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