Who’s The Great Pretender Of The Tile World?

porcelain tile, the big pretenderYou’ve done it before. You walked into a room and thought, “Oh, that is a nice stone floor” or “look at those bricks,” or even, “Wow, where did they get all those driftwood planks?”

That floor might really be natural slate, marble, or travertine from a quarry in Italy. Those bricks may have been made at a brickworks in Pennsylvania. The driftwood planks might have been salvaged along the Pacific. Or all of them might be porcelain tile.

Porcelain floor tile is the Great Pretender of the tile world. It can mimic many natural colors and textures because it is made of fine clays and minerals fired at high temperatures, allowing it to be molded as desired and resulting in many uses. It can be used to make anything from dinnerware or bathroom fixtures to lamp bases or backsplashes.

The density of porcelain creates a sturdy, water-resistant product. In floor tile, the edges can be completely even, allowing the grout lines to be almost invisible. The surface can be textured or smooth, polished or dull. In many cases, this product performs better than the material it mimics yet costs far less to purchase and install.

Come in to Éco Dépôt Céramique to see the many guises this Great Pretender can assume. It will not matter if that guise is wood, stone, or anything else; porcelain floor tile will be a practical choice that has proven to be a popular choice as well. Sometimes, porcelain doesn’t pretend to be anything except a beautiful rendition of the manufacturer’s imagination. Whatever it looks like, porcelain will show up in many Montreal homes and businesses, so keep an eye out for its beauty.