Where Can Tile Be Found In Fine Restaurants?

wall tilesA fine restaurant is a beautiful place, full of warm personality and glowing with welcoming hospitality. Most diners are aware of the total ambiance that has been carefully designed to present a unique experience. This total is made up of many small decisions that work together for one purpose: your dining pleasure.

Looking at the smaller components that make up the surface of this fine restaurant, you will often find some of the many faces of tile. The kitchen and storage areas usually will be floored with tile because they provide sanitary surfaces that hold up to a busy restaurant’s traffic and allow the food to take center stage. Most diners won’t see these areas, so the search for restaurant tile goes past the utilitarian spaces.

It’s hard to find a luxurious public restroom that doesn’t use tile. Glass mosaic in shimmering beauty, polished granite, and other tile choices combine visual impact with easy maintenance for impeccable guest comfort.

In the dining area, walls tiled with split travertine can create a natural elegance that is hard to beat, but any one of porcelain’s varied looks will compete with ease. The floor might look like wood or stone and be one of the new manufactured tiles that mimic it. The lobby is one of the hard working spaces in a busy restaurant, with traffic coming in off the street in all kinds of weather, but a tile floor can handle the abuse.

If you are planning your restaurant and want to see what tile can do for your business, come in to one of our three Montreal area showrooms for a look at the commercial grade restaurant wall and floor tile we carry. Our expert designers can show you tile that will be perfect for all the areas of your restaurant and will create the fine dining experience you are after.