When You Should Tile Your Office

replacing office floor tilesRe-tiling your office can be a pain, but it’s a necessary pain. It doesn’t matter what kind of floor you have in your office, it won’t last forever. Eventually, your tile flooring will give out and you’ll need to replace it.

Before you decide to replace your floor tiles, walk the office and inspect your floor. Do you see any chips or scratches? Do your feet slip when you walk? Has the floor lost its original lustre? If so, these are indications that your floor tile has reached its age limit and needs to be replaced.

Don’t just look at the visible areas either. Move some of the furniture around. Do you see evidence of age or wear and tear under the desk or sofa?

When Is The Best Time To Replace Office Tile?
Should you decide it’s time to replace your floor tile, you probably don’t want to do that during office hours. If your office is one where customers come to conduct business or hold meetings, then your floor tile crew will just be in the way. It’s better to replace floor tiling at night, or after office hours.

If it isn’t possible to replace your floors when the office is closed, then you’ll have to figure out how to replace office tiles while you’re working. That will mean moving offices around temporarily while the floor crew does it’s work. Perhaps you can re-tile executive office while the executive is traveling or while on vacation.

Draw up a plan. Do one part of the building on one day and then focus on another part of the building on another day. You’ll have to double up on office space and be sure to give your employees plenty of notice so they can make their arrangements.

It will be inconvenient for a short time, but if everyone works together, you can have your office space re-tiled in short order – then you can get back to business.