What’s Your Bathroom Vanity Style?

Bathroom vanity styleIn the bathroom, there are two things that define your style: The floor and wall tile and the vanity. Preferably, the two match.

If you want your bathroom to look Early American, then you don’t want your vanity to be cast in marble and your floor tiles a colorful glass mosaic. You either want to go rustic or you want to do something a bit more Monticello – or anything in between in nice. Still, whatever you decide, your tiles and your vanity need to match.

Matching your vanity to your tile is only half the challenge where style is concerned. You also have to choose a style.

There’s a huge difference between Victorian vanities, for instance, and those of the French Huegonot period. So what do you like? What style do you want to represent your bathroom?

I’m not trying to simplify a complex subject here. When it comes to styles, there are thousands of styles to choose from, or you can customize the look of your bathroom. The important thing is that you pick a style that matches your personality and that you choose a vanity style that matches your floor tile style. You want your bathroom to be seen as a unified whole.

For more information on bathroom vanity styles, consult an Eco Depot Ceramique representative.