What Makes A Beautiful Vanity?

beautiful vanitiesVanities are, in a way, an odd piece of furniture. Bathrooms typically get a bum rap where furniture is concerned. What is required is a lavatory, a toilet, and a bathtub or shower. Anything else is a luxury.

That said, if you are fortunate enough to have a vanity in your bathroom, what kind of vanity should it be? What should you consider in choosing a vanity, and how can you choose one that enhances the beauty of your bathroom?

There are several things to consider where your vanity is concerned:

  • Design features
  • Color coordination
  • Size
  • Matching other bathroom decor
  • Number of lavatories, or sinks, included
  • Storage space

These are just some of the considerations for your vanity. Perhaps the most important of these is choosing a vanity that matches your current decor, or you can rearrange your decor to match your new vanity.

Something else I didn’t mention above is whether or not you want a tiled backsplash, which is highly recommended. Then, you have to choose the type of tile you want your backsplash to be made of, which kind of goes along with matching your decor.

If you live in Montreal, visit Eco Depot today and talk to a representative about your bathroom and vanity needs.