What Sort Of Floor Tile Do You Really Like?

What is your favorite type of floor tile?There is a wide range of floor tiles that could be considered all purpose floor tiles. Granite, slate, travertine, ceramic and porcelain floor tiles certainly fit that category. Marble can be a little soft to be considered all purpose, however, it too has a wide range of uses. In reality, rather than looking for a tile that is suited to your project, you are better off looking for a tile that you really like, then determining if it is suited to your environment.

We all have personal tastes. Some people really like the look of slate tiles whilst others can’t stand them at all. If you are looking for anti-slip waterproof natural stone tiles, you don’t have to opt for slate. There is, for an example, a great range of granite tiles that meet that criteria. When looking at tiles for your next project, these are the questions you need to ask:

  1. Where am I going to install those tiles?
  2. Are there any special requirements (eg – anti-slip, water resistance)?
  3. Which type of tile do I really like for this project (eg – marble, slate, granite, travertine)?
  4. Is there a range of those tiles that meet my special requirements?

It’s that easy. Notice, I didn’t ask which types of tiles meet those requirements – that can increase the range tenfold and make it harder to find something you really like when it comes to color and texture. By narrowing down your tile type first, you will reduce the range available to something more manageable, making it easier to find a tile that suits your project’s overall objectives.

These days, it’s not so much the tile type that’s important; it’s more a case of what sort of tiles do you really like.  Answer numbers one to three above, then come in and see us at Éco Dépôt Céramique. We’ll then be able to help you answer question four and then help you find the right color and texture to complete your project.