What Do You Want Your Bathroom To Look Like?

vanitiesOne of the most decorative features in a bathroom is the vanity. It often is the only “furniture” in a functional room, and it also serves a functional purpose. But much of the time we forget that functional side and focus on the appeal of the look we love.

Choose The Look, Then Choose A Practical Version

It isn’t wrong to go with a look you love, whether it is zen, traditional, contemporary, or something else. The trick is in selecting a practical version of that look. Every one of the imported vanities in our three local showrooms has been chosen for looks and quality construction, but some will be more suited to the everyday traffic of a family bathroom while others will be perfect in a powder room with less usage.

If you love the clean lines of a floating vanity, for instance, you will find variations of floating vanity styles that are suitable for many sizes of bathrooms and have different configurations. There are one-sink styles, double-sink styles, vanities with storage or without, and many decorative details, too.

Choosing the decorative category you love will narrow down your options. You can then filter out the vanities that are not practical for your location and be left with the choices that are perfect for that project. If you would like expert help in determining the best selection, every Éco Dépôt showroom in Montreal is staffed with knowledgeable tile professionals and qualified designers who are happy to assist our customers.

You will find the perfect vanity for your bathroom project, and it will be a look you love for years because you have a top-quality imported bathroom vanity from Éco Dépôt.