Vanity Tiles – Do It Yourself Or Install A New Vanity

Bathroom vanities are focal point of any bathroom - add a touch of class with an imported vanity from Éco DépôtTiles have once again become popular around the home, especially for those looking to remodel rather than move to a new home. The current financial environment is having a big effect here, and tiles are an economical option for remodeling jobs. We are finding that people are turning to tiles for flooring, kitchens (including bench tops), outdoor areas, and in their more traditional settings of bathrooms.

In the bathroom, tiles are at home on the floor, in shower cubicles, bathtub backdrops, and vanities. Today we’ll focus on vanity tiles, and there is certainly a huge range to chose from these days. In fact, the choice is only limited by your imagination and your budget – you can certainly use marble as a vanity tile – look at the leading hotels in areas like Dubai, they wouldn’t consider anything less.

For domestic settings, ceramic tiles and travertine tiles are popular. They are tough, durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They are also fairly easy to install, and being larger tiles, deliver a finish that is very different to the old style mosaic tiles. I have come across vanities that were created from one large tile, the basin aperture having been professionally cut into the center of the tile.

Rather than tiling your own vanity, you can opt for a brand new vanity, all ready to put into place. This is a cost effective option for those with older homes and deteriorating vanities, and for those who are building new homes. Éco Dépôt stocks a wide range of vanities – there’s certainly going to be one there to suit your bathroom design. Our team of trained experts can help you find the best to suit your needs, and provide advice on the installation and maintenance of your vanity.