Vanities In Montreal

Montreal vanitiesMontreal has a lot of vanities. Not vanity. Vanities. As in powder rooms. Bathrooms. Pit stops.

We like to think of them as beauty parlors.

Whatever you call it, your vanity is your own personal space. It should be a reflection of you. Your personality. Your character. Your integrity. How you see yourself is integrally important.

We don’t take vanities lightly.

That’s why we believe the tile you choose to match your vanity is very important. It’s not only a reflection of you but of your home, as well. In fact, your home is a reflection of you. So your Montreal home and your Montreal vanity should be a match made in heaven. They should work together in perfect synchronicity to shine the light of your personality within your personal space.

There are a few ways to improve your vanity. You can add a little extra flair to your existing vanity, replace the one you have, or add a vanity where there wasn’t one before. Either way, you’re going to live with that vanity for a long time so make it be all about you.

Are you an earthy mom? Try a natural stone. Are you more contemporary, chic, and single? Then perhaps something more like a glass mosaic will fit your personality. Simply elegant? Try ceramic or porcelain.

Ladies of Montreal, Éco Dépôt invites you to choose your vanity carefully. Make it yours.