Think Vanities Are Boring? Check The Latest In Imported Vanities

Bathroom vanities are no longer boring - they look great whilst remaining functionalVanities used to be rather boring. They were very functional so they performed their role well, however, they often failed when it came to being a bathroom’s center piece. Today’s vanities are anything but boring, especially those that have been imported.

If you want to add a little panache to your bathroom, then you need to start with the vanity. In most bathrooms, the first thing you see when you open the door is the vanity, so you need to make that the star of your bathroom. Everything else then coordinates with your vanity delivering a bathroom that looks great whilst still being very functional.

What sort of bathroom do you want? Something a little retro? Classic? Modern? Or Zen even? Éco Dépôt has a range of bathroom vanities that suit any of those tastes, and more. The easiest way to find a vanity to suit your bathroom is to come and talk to one of our experts in our showroom. If you already have a color scheme or design in mind, bring it with you. We can then help you find a bathroom vanity that brings your dream bathroom to life.

Modern vanities are not all the same.  There are large models, very small models, and everything in between. You can select from a range of finishes, colors and styles. For many of our customers, the real challenge is in making that final decision, there’s such a great range to choose from – and they are not as expensive as you may think.

Once you have found your bathroom vanity, we can help you chose the right floor and wall tiles to finish your project. We can also provide advice on installing vanities, laying tiles, and how to care for both your vanity and tiles.