The Unique Color Themes Of Natural Stone Tiles

The color range of natural stone tilesWhilst the range of colored man-made tiles is huge, don’t underestimate the color range of natural stone – it too is huge. What is really appealing about natural stone is the term ‘natural’ – no two tiles are identical, and that makes for a wonderful tiled wall or floor. Natural stone tiles may be cut from one large block of stone, however, the patterns and colors within that one block are not in straight lines – they run randomly and that’s what makes each tile so different

Natural stone tiles can be found predominantly in lighter colors, particularly whites and creams. There is also a large range of natural stone tiles in darker hues, ranging from near black through greys to dark browns. And then there are the stone tiles that blend both light and dark colors – white with blacks, greys and browns through to reds, and darker tiles with whites, off-whites, creams and reds. In between are the mid range of color tiles, and these may have a combination of lighter and darker colors.

When installing a natural stone tile floor or wall, don’t expect a consistent pattern across the surface – the final effect will be a random pattern that will be unique to your floor or wall – because natural stone tiles are unique in themselves, it stands to reason that the final finish will also be unique.

When considering natural stone tiles, talk to a tile expert first. They can help you find the right tiles for your decor. More importantly, they will help you acquire natural stone tiles that come from the same batch. This is important as these tiles, while unique, still have a color theme running through them. Buy natural stone tiles from different batches and the color themes will look decidedly different; this could spoil the final effect.