Try The Anti-Slip Ceramic Tile

Natural stone tiles perfect for outdoor settingsCeramic tile is a type of tile that is long lasting and classy. You won’t be disappointed to lay it on your floors, especially since the Éco Dépôt ceramic tile is anti-slip. If you have elderly people, or little kids, in your home, then you will appreciate that anti-slip property.

Another positive quality to ceramic tile is that it is easy to clean. It is also durable and will last a long time if you lay it correctly.

How To Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles

If you want your ceramic tile to maintain its new floor glaze, then you should sweep your floors often. Sweeping your ceramic floor every day will go a long way to preventing it from losing its shine. You should also run a vacuum cleaner over it periodically – weekly, if you can. Dirt and grime will get into the grooves of your floor and settle.

A lot of bathrooms feature ceramic tile. That’s okay, but you run a high risk of soap scum, shampoo, body oils, and other bathroom products getting in between the tiles. As a result, mold or mildew may occur.

To prevent molds from taking hold, sponge mop your floor tiles. Soak your sponge in a homemade solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water, then scrub between the tiles. You should do this weekly. And it also wouldn’t hurt to have your ceramic tiles steam cleaned periodically.

If you maintain a regular cleaning regime, your ceramic floor tiles will last a lot longer.