The Truth About Marble Floor Maintenance

marble tileMarble floors are beautiful when they are new. There is nothing that matches the unique graining of the natural stone; manufactured imitations cannot be produced with the infinite variety that comes when you get the stone from the earth and cut it down into tiles. Every tile in a marble floor matches its fellows as snowflakes match each other — the overall effect is harmonious, but the individual factors are unique.

That initial beauty is one that a maintenance regimen will preserve. The regular cleaning with non-acid products, sealing schedules, and the like are all designed to keep the floor looking exactly like it did when installed. Many homeowners who have marble floors will cheerfully do the maintenance because they love the way their floor first looked and want to keep it that way.

But what if this maintenance schedule is NOT kept? What if a marble floor is neglected, or abused, and submitted to heavy traffic?

Many public buildings in the 1900s had marble floors – schools, hospitals, banks, and more. A lot of those buildings are still in use today, and some may not have been maintained exactly how they “should have been.” Antique lovers call this “patina” and value the visible signs of wear that tell the story of use. You may be able to see one of these neglected marble floors – in an apartment building, for instance. Do you still like the floor, even with the patina?

A neglected marble floor may not be as shiny as a well-maintained marble floor, but it is still beautiful. Think of what a marble floor will look like with the amount of maintenance you normally give your home, and the decision to use marble is easier. The truth is, marble is beautiful even when neglected.

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