Travertine: The Marble Alternative

marbel and travertineIf you’re one of those people who love the look of marble but believe it’s out of your range of possibilities because it is so expensive, there is a less expensive alternative that still looks just as nice. It’s called travertine.

Travertine is a special kind of rock, different than marble. But it still packs the powerful luster of marble into one less expensive punch. A sedimentary rock, marble is metamorphic, it is often referred to as “travertine marble” because it contains many of the same properties as marble. Due to its method of formation and extraction from the earth, it is typically less expensive, making it a more affordable alternative to real marble.

All marble is durable. It can be used and will last for centuries. Take a look at the Roman Coliseum, for instance. It’s still standing. It’s also made from travertine.

Instead of laying marble on your dance floor, consider travertine. You’ll save a ton of money on your ballroom and still entertain great guests for a long time. If you are tiling a foyer or entrance to a building, commercial or residential, and are concerned about making a great first impression, travertine can make that happen for you.

Travertine allows you to make an impression with materials as well as design. Take a look at the Eco Depot showroom and see what travertine can do for you.