Can Travertine Floor Tiles Be Refinished?

travertine tilesTravertine floor tiles can be damaged by some cleaning solutions and will occasionally stain and show wear. But one of the big advantages to using a natural stone floor tile is that, many times, they can be refinished easily. This is because the tile is the same throughout the thickness, so the surface damage can be removed and a new finish applied.

Since travertine is relatively soft, the process is simple: Some homeowners might want to try it themselves, but a professional team can do it quickly, if you prefer.

First, remove everything from the area. You don’t want any appliances or furniture in your way! Then, vacuum the floor well and mask all the baseboards, vents, and doors to protect them. After thoroughly scrubbing the floor with a non-acid cleaner or stone cleaner, remove any stains by creating a dam with rags and puddling warm water on the stain for 10 or 15 minutes. Wipe up the water and allow the floor to dry.

Remove the old coating by following the directions of the floor stripper meticulously. If any old surfacing remains, the new will not bond correctly. Take your time and get all the corners and edges, stripping the entire floor. Clean according to the instructions with the stripper and allow the floor to dry completely.

If you desire to re-hone or polish your floor, then the appropriate powder is liberally sprinkled all over the floor, wet down, and sanded by hand or using a weighted floor machine. Again, directions need to be followed with care. Afterward, all dust and debris must be vacuumed up and then wet-mopped to get every speck. Let the floor dry again.

Now the travertine sealant can be applied. Usually, this takes several coats, with each coat drying before adding another. Using a soft paintbrush or roller and long, even strokes will help keep streaks or lines from marring your beautiful “new” travertine floor.

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