Travertine Floor Tiles – The Look Of Marble Without The Price Tag

Travertine floor tiles are versatile enough to be used in any location in the home.Travertine floor tiles are often mistaken for marble. In fact, in some place, they are referred to as ‘marble travertine’. This is an erroneous label since travertine is a sedimentary rock, which, when cut and polished, has a very distinct look of its own.

If you are looking for floor or wall tiles that durable, then travertine should be your first option. Used in the Roman Coliseum, it has lasted almost two thousand years – now that’s durability. Add to this the low maintenance requirements and you have a durable set and forget tile.

Whilst travertine floor tiles are durable, they also come in stunning colors and finishes. One of the real benefits is the versatility that comes with using travertine tiles. These tiles look at home in both period renovations and the more contemporary finish. They can be used in a range of locations including bathrooms, kitchens, indoor areas and in external areas – in fact, if you want a tiled finish, then travertine tiles can be used.

Travertine tiles are the kind of the tiles that can be used with mixed colors. The example shown in the above image is of mixed cream, orange and brown – the effect can be stunning.

If you require more information on travertine floor tiles, or floor tiles in general, then come and talk to one of our experienced professionals. They can provide advice on the type of tile that best suits your project, how to lay your tiles, and to look after them to maintain their natural beauty.