Travertine Floor Tiles – Perfect For Any Occasion

The soft hues of travertine floor tilesTravertine floor tiles are from the same family as marble. There are times when people become confused between the two. If you visit a tile showroom and look at the two tiles together, you will see that they each have distinct features of their own. If anything, travertine floor tiles look more like ‘stone’ whereas marble has more of a soft ‘glass’ look to it.

When it comes to durability, both travertine and marble floor tiles stand tall. Both of these stones have been in use since Roman times (and before). Roman structures are some of the earliest buildings that used these materials and that are still standing for all the world to see today. Now that does say durability. These tiles don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking fresh and new, even after decades of use.

What you will notice about travertine floor tiles is the stunning range of colors and finishes that are available. Because there is such a wide range, travertine tiles have become versatile, being used in many areas of the home, in offices, and even in outdoor areas. Travertine tiles can also be used on walls, either as a feature or as part of the room’s decor. Travertine floor tiles are made from natural stone, so each tile is somewhat unique from the next. Together, they create a wonderful random pattern with colors ranging from cream through yellows and oranges to browns.

Before laying travertine floor tiles, come and talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt. They can show you the difference between travertine and marble and many other types of floor tiles. Travertine floor tiles look great in all situations, yet you’re not going to pay anywhere the near the same price as marble.