Which Are The Toughest Tiles On The Market?

Granite floor tiles are the hardest natural stone floor tiles on the marketIf you’re looking for a tough floor tile that’ll take a lot of heavy traffic, then you may find your options rather limited. Most floor tiles are durable, however, there is a limit to how much punishment some tiles will take. Marble is a good example. It can last for many years  with the right care and attention, however, with too much traffic, marble will start to show signs of wear and tear.

Slate tiles are reasonably tough and will take a lot of heavy traffic. Having said that, slate is still a relatively soft tile and can chip if subjected to heavy knocks. The three toughest tiles are granite, ceramic, and porcelain with porcelain winning hands down as the toughest. However, porcelain can be hard to work with when installing, so it’s possible you’ll have uneven cuts in some sections.

Ceramic floor tiles have been popular for a long time (pre-dating porcelain), and whilst very hardy, they can be chipped or broken. That leaves granite. Being a natural stone, that too has performance issues.

Granite has been around for millions of years (as a stone) and has been used as a building material for thousands of years, so there’s no denying its toughness. However, unless sealed, granite is susceptible to damage, including that caused by water.

If you need a tough and durable floor tile that will handle a lot of traffic, then porcelain will most likely be your best option. If you want natural stone, then granite is by far the hardest and most durable, and with care it will stand up to a lot of traffic. In fact, granite has been a popular choice for bench tops for many years, withstanding everything that a busy kitchen can throw at it.

Before selecting a floor tile for a high traffic area, come and talk to one of our tile experts. Floor tiles are often graded based on their hardness factors, so you may find that several different floor tiles are available as options. You can then select the one that is most aesthetically pleasing and which complements your decor.