Tough Commercial Flooring That Takes A Real Pounding

Commercial tile flooring that's tough and long wearingCommercial flooring needs to be tough. Compared to residential flooring, commercial flooring takes a real pounding. Take a bathroom as a simple example. In a home, the bathroom may be used less than a dozen times a day (depending on the size of the family). In a commercial environment, a bathroom could be used a dozen times an hour, and that’s being conservative. The same is true for kitchens – a residential kitchen receives only a fraction of the traffic that a commercial kitchen receives, and being very busy areas, commercial kitchens are subject to far more spills and accidents.

When it comes to floor tiles, commercial flooring needs a tile that will cope with the type of traffic and abuse that is likely to occur in that environment. Ceramic tiles are a good all purpose tile for commercial use, having a high water-resistance factor, high stain and scratch-resistance properties, and available in an almost endless range of colors, patterns and textures. Natural stone tiles are suitable in some commercial applications, however, they tend to be a little softer than ceramic tiles and can be damaged easily if care is not taken. The exception to this is granite, which is a tough tile, also has high water resistance, and is capable of handling heavy traffic.

In commercial applications where foot traffic is the only factor affecting flooring, softer natural stone tiles such as marble and travertine can be considered. If you use a natural texture as opposed to a shiny smooth finish, then damage such as chips and scratches are easily hidden by that texture. Slate is in the same category – if you install slate tiles in their natural state, then any small chips that flake away only add to the overall look rather than detract.

It’s wise to seek advice from tile experts before installing tiles into a commercial environment. Ensuring you use the right tile type will save you a lot of money over time, and if you select right and maintain that flooring, then you can expect many years of hassle-free use. The tile experts Éco Dépôt can help you determine the right commercial flooring tile type for your floor (or wall/benchtop/backsplash) project. They can also provide advice on how best to install and maintain those tiles to ensure they last for many years.