The Top Reasons Granite Tile Is Popular

granite tileGranite tile is a very popular choice for floors and there are good reasons why this is so. Tile made from granite is very dense because the rock itself is formed under very high heat. It has a crystalline structure, giving granite a depth and sparkle that are appealing.

Because granite floor tile is exceedingly hard and durable, it is a good choice for kitchens and entryways. It is heat-resistant and resists staining when cared for properly. Regular application of stone sealant and proper installation are investments that pay off in a beautiful, enduring floor that keeps its shine and repels water; an important consideration in Quebec winters.

Because granite floor tile is hewn from natural stone, there are colors and visual textures that have been popular for centuries. The wide range of color and quality make it a good idea to get all the stone for a project at one time to ensure your entire lot is from the same spot. It’s also a good idea to get a few extras in case you need them because it’s difficult to match from different lots of natural stone.

That variety of color gives granite floor tile another reason for popularity: you can play with it when planning your installation. It is possible to create many types of looks with granite tile, from the subtle monotones of classic tiles to the colorful juxtapositions a modern decor demands.

The crystallization of granite adds sparkles of quartz and mica throughout the material, reflecting light and liveliness into the room. Éco Dépôt has many types of granite tile flooring to choose from and the experience to aid your selection so that you will continue to be pleased with your floor for years.