Top Reasons To Choose Travertine

travertine tileTravertine has all the durability and beauty of marble combined with great versatility and a lower price. It can be used for floors to great effect but also is seen as fireplace panels, showers, backsplashes, and outdoor applications. The colors are generally warm tones of ivory, beige, brown, and gold.

It can be polished, honed, or textured in surface depending on the look you are after and has porous holes and a distinct grain that will look different when cut at an angle, creating a striped or spotted appearance. Because it has the characteristic pores, the surface is sometimes filled to make it completely smooth, but many people appreciate the naturally pitted look of this stone.

Sometimes travertine tiles are tumbled to wear down harsh edges for an aged look. This is a great idea for areas where you expect a lot of traffic since the patina just increases as your family adds their effect to the surface. It also is attractive in outdoor applications like poolsides and patios. The tile gives a sense of history, similar to the buildings of travertine that have stood for centuries and can still be seen.

Many people ask about sealing travertine. It is a good idea to ask about your particular application and the tile you choose. Sealing will change the color of the tile, so take that into consideration. When you come into Éco Dépôt Céramique to look at travertine tile flooring, ask if the tile you like is suitable for the location of the installation and if there will need to be sealants or special care in maintenance.