The Top 4 Tips For Keeping Tile Floors Clean

clean tile floorsMany people wonder how to best keep their beautiful new tile floor clean once it is installed. It really isn’t difficult, and there are four basic tips that apply to every type of tile flooring you could have in your home.


Every tile either has an impervious glaze or comes with some type of recommendation for a sealant that will keep spills from seeping into it. Grout, too, generally needs to be sealed. When you choose your tile, ask about what type of protective sealants might be appropriate, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevention of Scratches

The use of door mats to catch the grit that gets tracked in from the outdoors cannot be overlooked as a preventative measure to keep floors clean. Many homes have a no-shoe rule and a spot at the door for boots and shoes, keeping floors cleaner. This is particularly wise in muddy, sloppy weather when things get really dirty.

Furniture legs may need to have floor protectors added to prevent scratching, and care should be taken when moving heavy objects across the floor.

Daily Maintenance

If you aren’t using door mats and allow shoes to come into the house uncleaned, those shoes are carrying all the grit from outside and acting as sandpaper when people walk across the floor. Active kids do more than walk. They spin and slide, so imagine that effect on your new tile.

Daily dustmopping or sweeping with a soft broom catches all the debris and prevents the sandpaper effect.

If anything spills, wipe it up right away with the appropriate cleaner, and this spot-mopping keeps your floor clean until you do the regular wetmopping.

Weekly Wetmopping

Once a week, run a damp mop over your floors after the daily dustmopping. You don’t really need chemicals because you used the right cleaner for any spills when they happened — this is just a refreshing of your floor. Dry it with a clean cloth or mop head and it will shine like new.

Choose the Right Tile

An important factor in keeping floors clean is choosing the right tile for your location. When you come into Éco Dépôt Céramique, there will be many beautiful options. Ask for advice on the best tile for your location and probable traffic, and you will find the tile that is perfect for your home.