Tips For A Successful Outdoor Mosaic

glass mosaic tile patioGlass mosaic is a beautiful tile and non-porous, which means you can use it in high moisture areas such as your kitchen, bathroom, or surrounding a backyard pool. You can use it on your patio, as well.

If you want to lay a glass mosaic tile successfully, then I highly recommend you follow these guidelines:

  • Sand – For the best tile mosaic experience, make sure you use the best quality sand. You want a fine-grained sand that is soft and easy to manipulate.
  • Outdoor grout – Use outdoor grout only. Pour your grout when the weather is expected to be nice for several days because you’ll want it to sit for three days after you lay it and smooth it out. Before you smooth it, make sure you remove excess cement mix or your tiles won’t lay flat.
  • Premixed thinset bonding mortar – It’s a little expensive, but it will save you time, and it’s moisture-resistant, which is a big plus since you are laying tiles outside on your patio.
  • Good quality sealant – Make sure you use a quality sealant. Two coats or layers are advisable for outside patios. Membrane sealants add a glossy finish. Your sealant is there to protect the grout from the weather.

Laying a glass mosaic tile on your patio can make it look new and give it a beautiful year-round look. Since you are tiling outside, it’s important to use weather-resistant materials as much as possible.