Tips For Contractors With Clients Who Want Tile

tile contractors for clientsOne of the facts of life for a contractor is a client who hopes you can read minds and predict the future. The problem isn’t that they actually are thinking, “Contractors can read my mind and predict the future.” It’s more like a communication gap. The contractor sees the project from one point of view while the client sees the project from a completely different standpoint most of the time.

Do your best to communicate with the client, giving clear contracts and estimates. Provide answers to all their questions and explain your reasoning for estimates, if asked. Sometimes a client will ask what is the best tile, and it’s good to answer in terms of questions:

  • What kind of use will this tile get?
  • What kind of maintenance are you willing to give?
  • What is your budget?

The “look” of the tile is really more a matter of what the homeowner likes, but the functionality of the tile can be addressed.

Tile is something that really has to be seen in place before you know what it will look like. Lighting makes a difference in color perception, and computer programs only can give a general idea of what the completed room will be like. If the client would be willing to take samples of 5 or so tiles home to put in the room for a day or so, they would have a better idea of what is being chosen.

It can be helpful to come in to one of the three Éco Dépôt showrooms in the Montreal area with your client and sit down with one of our tile designers. Because we have over four decades of experience providing tile to both residential and commercial customers, we see both sides of the project. We can provide commercial tile for contractors with the bulk discounts, deliveries, and payment schedules you need. We also can provide the design help to meet your client’s needs and expectations.