The Timeless Appeal Of Travertine

travertine tileIf the centuries in the past are any indication, travertine is not going out of style any time soon. This natural stone building material has been beloved by emperors, architects, and homeowners alike because it is versatile, durable, and easy to work with.

Travertine is similar to limestone and marble, formed inside the earth under years of pressure. It varies in color because of the way it is formed, by water carrying minerals through its substance and depositing those minerals throughout the stone. Travertine, in its natural state, is porous, with veins and pores giving unique character to each tile.

That unique character means the installer has a variation of color and pattern available when placing the travertine tile in its final spot. It also means there can be challenges if  you need to match it for any reason, so many people will buy extra boxes of the same lot for the future.

Travertine tile comes in many finishes, with different looks:

  • natural travertine tile has a rough-hewn patina from the open pores of the stone
  • filled and honed travertine tile has the look of the pores, but they have been filled with a cement-like grout and polished to a smooth surface
  • tumbled, brushed, or chiseled travertine tile has been roughened to look as if it had been placed in the long-distant past, but it is a practical, functioning floor that will endure for a long time if the still useable travertine floors used by Ancient Romans are any indication.

Come in to our showrooms and see how the timeless appeal of travertine tile flooring can give classic beauty to your Montreal home.