Tiles The Number One Choice For Underfloor Heating

Residential floor tiles are the best choice for underfloor heatingThere’s nothing like stepping out of a nice warm shower onto cold tiles. Certainly wakes up the feet, however, it does very little for most people’s demeanor. Underfloor radiant heating has become very popular. It is relatively cheap, will last a long time once installed, and is obviously very unobtrusive.

Floor tiles are one of the best choices for underfloor heating.  Most flooring specialists recommend ceramic, however, many of the natural stone tiles work equally as well. Some home owners insist that granite floor tiles are more effective. The end results are really very similar.

One of the reasons that tile flooring is so effective with underfloor heating is that tile is an excellent conductor of heat. This means it is very energy efficient. Tile warms up to a very comfortable temperature and will hold that temperature for a long time. Under foot, it is pleasantly warm and that warmth quickly radiates to the rest of the room.

You are not restricted to the one tile type when installing underfloor heating. The process and heating elements required are the same for all tile types. You can have ceramic in your bathroom and slate in the kitchen – the heating system installed will handle both. The choice then is not so much which tile is best suited to underfloor heating. Instead, the choice is which tile is best suited to your home and your needs.

The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you determine which tiles are right for your needs. They can also help you to determine how much tile is required to complete the job, and the best grout to use. Looking at underfloor heating? Residential floor tiles are the perfect match when it comes to cost, efficiency and comfort.