Suggestions On How To Use Tiles To Personalize Your Home

Tiles can be used in a number of areas to personalize a homeA house is not a home unless it’s lived in and been personalized – then it feels like home. There are many ways to personalize a home – you can hang pictures; use photos; and of course there is the furniture, furnishings and ornaments that appeal to you. You can also use tiles to not only personalize your home but to make a statement; have your home stand apart from the rest.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Tile a fireplace – if you have an old fireplace that is not being used, grab a box of wall tiles and turn that space into a feature. Tile the fireplace floor and walls and a small section around the outside. Use the fireplace to then highlight ornaments – the tile background will look great whilst showcasing your ornaments.
  • Tile stair risers – tiled floors look great and you can extend that look by using the same tiles on the risers of a staircase. You can either buy smaller versions of the tile you are using or have your tiles cut to shape.
  • Tile wall mosaic – if you have a blank wall that you’re struggling to find something to do with, consider creating a tile mosaic. You don’t need to cover the whole wall, a small- or medium-sized section in the center with a coordinated paint around the outside looks fabulous. You can also consider placing a mirror in the center of the mosaic for additional appeal.
  • Tile a bed’s headboard – one of the problems with modern bed ensembles is the lack of headboard. Rather  than having the bed ending at the wall, create a tiled headboard that coordinates with your bedroom furniture and bed coverings. Use wall tiles and tile along the wall just above the top of the bed.
  • Tile around a door frame – this used to be very common many years ago. Use outdoor tiles to frame your home’s entry. The right tiles can help to add some real charm as visitors approach.

The list is endless. You can find a use for tiles in just about every corner of every home if you put your mind to it. Ceramic tiles are often the best tiles to use in these environments simply because of the wide range of colors and finishes available. Need some more tile ideas for your home? Come and talk to one of our tile experts at Éco Dépôt Céramique. We can often find tile solutions that not only personalize your home, they also help you make a statement, or turn the boring into something interesting.