What Tiles Are Best Used For Vanities?

bathroom vanity tilesBathroom vanities are an expression of your personality. They are at least an expression of the personality of the lady of the house. But while you’re thinking about expressing yourself, you should also consider tile materials that are suitable for the bathroom.

The best bathroom tiles, and that includes vanities, should be able to withstand moisture and water spills.

Marble is a good, strong tile that can withstand moisture over the long term. It’s also durable and fairly easy to clean. You’ll find many vanities made of marble. In a lot of cases, the vanity top is solid while the backsplash is tiled. But marble can be expensive.

Glass mosaic is another type of tile that works well in the bathroom. It’s an artistic type of material that can add life and vibrancy to the bathroom. If you’re looking for a way to express your personality, glass mosaic is versatile.

Any natural stone is good in the bathroom – either as a vanity top or a backsplash. Even floors. That includes natural stone, granite, slate, and travertine.

Ceramic and porcelain also look good on or around bathroom vanities. They’re also a less expensive option than marble, glass mosaic, or stone.

Tiling your vanity can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’s your chance to express your personality in your own unique way. Choose a tile you can live with for a long time.