Tiled Flooring The Best Option For Pet Owners

Floor tiles are the perfect answer for pet friendly homesIf you love pets and have a few around you all the time, then you’ll know how troublesome they can be at times. Pet hair is often a problem, as are little ‘accidents’ that occur from time to time. Carpets will hold pet hair and animal odors, and trying to clean up those little ‘accidents’ can be a real problem. Tiled floors remove those problems in an instant, particularly natural stone, ceramic and porcelain floor tiles.

Tiled floors have other benefits as well. Pets cannot make holes in a tiled floor like they can in carpets or vinyl floors. Your pets would find it almost impossible to make any impression at all on ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. When it comes to natural stone, granite floor tiles offer a tough, durable surface that can easily handle pets. Marble, travertine and slate floor tiles are also suitable for most pets. However, being softer stones, they may show signs of wear over time, especially with larger pets.

It’s not just pets either. Tiled floors are a good surface for children to play on. Whilst much harder than carpet, tiled floors will withstand the punishment that children can dish out. If  your child makes a mess, simply wash it away immediately and there will be no lasting signs of that mess – carpets require shampooing and drying, and even then they can hang on to odors for days or weeks.

When planning a new floor, consider the traffic and work load expected of it. If you have doubts, then talk to a floor tile expert first. They can help you decide as to whether or not floor tiles are right for you, the best type of floor tile to use, and how best to prepare your floor space for tiles. If you have pets, you will never regret opting for tiles as the best flooring option in your home.