Create A Tiled Feature Wall Instead Of Painting

Tiles can be used to great effect as a feature wallFeature walls are a great way to transform a room and create interest, and there’s no reason why you can’t use tiles. Modern offices often have tiled feature walls – they are easy to clean, look great and, for a business, can help their logo really stand out if positioned well. In the home, any wall can be used as a feature, however, the most common areas are in either living rooms or dining rooms.

The hardest part of creating a tiled feature wall is selecting the tile. There are so many different tile types, colors, textures and even sizes. Much will depend on the overall effect you are trying to achieve, and your overall decor. Wall tiles can help a small room look larger, a large room look smaller, and dark room look brighter.

When considering tiles as a feature, don’t be afraid to mix and match tiles and other products. By mixing different colored tiles, you can create a great mosaic-type effect. You can also use tiles with other products such as natural timber – each will complement the other to great effect creating a lot of interest.

Tiles can also be useful in situations where you don’t want a wall to stand out – for example, if you want to showcase a vintage piece of furniture, then a neutral wall will help to focus on that item. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can work well if you’re looking for a neutral effect whilst natural stone can provide a real earthy look to a room.

If you are considering renovating a wall, and you’re not sure about tiles, then talk to a tile professional. The highly trained tile experts at Éco Dépôt Céramique provide advice on both floor and wall tiles. They can help you find the right tiles for a wall project, either to create a feature, lighten a room, or to create a neutral effect to allow features to shine in that room.