Tile In The Laundry Room Is A Good Idea

tiles in the laundry roomMany of us have the laundry room in the basement of the home. Some houses even have laundry chutes installed so all that dirty laundry zips down to the basement without having to be hauled down the steps in a basket. For busy families, this room is usually one of the places where something is happening every day.

If the basement is unfinished, the floor can be a source of moisture. It isn’t unheard of for piles of dirty laundry to quickly develop mildew as a result of being on the floor of an unfinished basement room. This isn’t evidence of poor housekeeping. It’s evidence that you need a floor covering that can handle the high moisture levels of the area.

Ceramic, glass, or porcelain tile provides a surface that can handle the challenges of both basement and laundry facility. The tile itself is not affected by bleach spills, plumbing disasters, or humidity. Sealing the grout keeps that factor from being an issue. Your floor is easily cleaned, indifferent to water or mud, and will not be a source of moisture from the ground.

Éco Dépôt Céramique carries many beautiful possibilities for basement tile flooring in Montreal. There are tiles for any style home, from modern to historic, and many types of decor. Your basement laundry room can go from being a cave-like place that you dread to a cheerful work area you enjoy when a carefully designed remodelling project is completed with tile flooring.

We have over forty years of experience providing tile for area homes and businesses. Our designers can answer any of your tile questions when you come into one of our three area showrooms to see what we offer in tile flooring.