Tile Flooring And Radiant Heat: A Perfect Combination

radiant heat tile showroom in MontrealThe winter season in Montreal can feel long and cold if your floors are also cold. Tile flooring with an underlying radiant heating system has a number of advantages that no other combinations of flooring and heating will offer:

  • Heat rises, so the warm floor will make the entire room warm.
  • Tile will retain heat and release it slowly, so there is warmth even when the heating system has cycled off.
  • Tile is impervious to the salt, grime, and melted snow tracked into the house, so it is an easy cleanup with no damage.
  • If you have chosen tile floors to lessen allergy complications, you will be delighted with the way that radiant floor heat adds no allergens to the air.

A radiant floor heating system can be easily installed while installing a tile floor. It is an investment that pays off in years of comfort and convenience as well as energy savings when properly chosen and installed. Most homeowners find the hydronic radiant floor to be the most energy efficient, with heated liquid moving through tubing beneath the surface. Electric radiant heat can be a good choice for small spaces and is popular in bathroom renovations. The experience of stepping onto a warm floor after your shower is delightful.

The thermal mass that tile provides will be an energy saver, too, because it will take less heat to keep the temperature stable. Once the floor is warmed it will tend to stay warm, so the experience of drafty cold spots is one you will have to seek elsewhere. Your tile floor plus a radiant heating system keep your home the temperature you prefer all through the Montreal winter season.

Visit one of our showrooms to see how your home could become a beautiful, comfortable, efficient space with this perfect combination. Any one of our residential flooring options will be enhanced by radiant heat, so you can choose the tiles you love knowing they will work well.