3 Things Tile Gives Commercial Kitchen Floors

commercial kitchen tilesA commercial kitchen is under a higher standard than that of a residence because there is far more activity taking place. Many meals are created in restaurants and other commercial venues like schools or hospitals, huge amounts of food is prepared, and there are legal requirements that must be maintained.

To keep commercial kitchen floors safe and legal, tile is often used as a surface. This is because tile offers three advantages:

  • tile can be given a slip-resistant finish and the grouted spaces add to that resistance, giving stability to workers
  • tile can be cleaned with the harsher regimen needed in commercial and restaurant kitchens (grease, spills, etc.)
  • tile is durable, holding up to the high traffic and heavy equipment often rolled around in the course of the work shift

There are other aspects of commercial kitchens that differ than the floors in a home. Epoxy grout is recommended for its resistance to the chemicals used to clean the floors of the heavy grease buildup, for instance, and the need for drain installation is not found in residential kitchens. There are legislative requirements to be fulfilled and specific design characteristics that need to be accounted for.

Éco Dépôt carries a wide range of restaurant wall and floor tile in our Montreal showrooms. These tile selections are graded for commercial use and will be suitable for installations requiring the higher standards of a public venue’s kitchen. When you come in to Éco Dépôt, ask to be directed to one of the designers trained in this category. We have over four decades of experience in supplying tile to both homes and commercial sites and can help you find the perfect tiles for your use.