What Tile Is Best For Basements?

basement floor tileSometimes a customer comes in and asks this question. And honestly, there isn’t just one answer because it depends on what your basement is like and what you are trying to do in the room. Basements have limitations that vary depending on how that home was built. Sometimes there are lighting and moisture issues. There can also be pipes and ductwork to work around. Tile designed for floors is durable. It resists moisture and is easy to maintain. It comes in many forms, too, and that’s where it can get creative.

There’s no rule that says the same tile should go all over the basement. You could use different types of tile in different rooms or create visual boundaries with borders. Because tile is installed in smaller units, design challenges like pipes and odd angles can become part of a creative decor. As long as the tiles are the same thickness and look good next to each other, you can do it.

Some types of tile are more difficult for the average do-it-yourselfer to handle. You need to have the right tile cutters and know how to install the floor correctly. If you are working with a contractor, listen to their advice. Do your research so this investment is one that you are happy with. When you come in to Éco Dépôt and look at our basement tile flooring you will see many styles, colors, and patterns in a variety of material.

Discuss your design ideas, the limitations of the basement you are tiling, and your budget. Our highly trained flooring advisors can help you select the type of tile that is best for your basement. We can tell you what will work if you decide you want to mix tiles and answer your questions about the suitability of different tiles for the project.

The best tile for basements is tile that has been carefully selected for expert installation. We think you will find the best tile for your basement at Éco Dépôt.