Tile A Table To Make It New

ceramic tilesTaking a sturdy table and tiling the top is a perfect way to create an attractive surface that will hold up to the challenges of an active life. Ceramic flooring tile, for instance, is designed for the heavy traffic of boots and shoes. On a low coffee table, it will certainly be able to handle anything you put there, even if your kids are using it as a platform for their spontaneous dance performance.

Outside, a picnic table that has been tiled will be easy to clean and impervious to weather. It also will be indifferent to hot grill baskets, kid’s finger paints, and potting soil when you use it to plant flower boxes. It isn’t difficult to find potential tile projects and clear instructions on the internet, and a simple table top is a good way to explore tile installation without committing to doing a floor or walls.

If you think you have a sturdy table that could use a tiled top, measure the area and see if it is even. Uneven picnic table tops, particularly if the boards have large gaps, should be fitted with a base for tile installation. After that, it is really up to your imagination and the type of tile you think will look good.

Then, come in to one of the Éco Dépôt Céramique showrooms in Montreal. You will see many types of tile, including ceramic tile flooring or lighter wall tiles. Show your project to the highly-trained associate and ask which types of tile will be best for a beginner to use. It’s a good way to have a beautiful table in your home and an inspiration for other ways to use tile in your next project.