Three Advantages Of Basement Tile

basement tileTile in your basement provides a beautiful surface for family activities. Why have a dark, musty hole under your house when you could improve that space and turn it into a great place to be? Here are the ways tile helps you do that:

  1. Tile is a waterproof surface, with no foothold for moisture to turn into mold. Grout can easily be sealed or waterproofed to make your tiled surface impervious to damp conditions and the occasional water problems all basements encounter. If your laundry or mud room is in the basement, tile is a good choice because it can take all the possible abuse a floor in these areas will be subject to.
  2. Tile has thermal mass, allowing it to collect the warmth of a woodstove, gas fireplace, or furnace and slowly release it even when the fire is out. If you are able to install radiant floor heating, your basement is an excellent location and the tile will add to your energy savings by acting as a heat storage unit. In the summer, the coolness of unheated tile is also an asset. A tiled family room in the basement becomes a cozy collection point for activities.
  3. Tile comes in every style and color imaginable so you are not limited in your selection once the installation requirements are factored in. Bright, light colors? Easy with tile. Natural look? No problem. Your new room will be the way you like it and the tile will keep its good looks for a lifetime.

We have three showrooms in the Montreal area where you can see an excellent selection of basement floor tile. With over forty years of experience, Eco Depot is the place to come with your questions about tile projects.