The Spice of Tile: Glass Mosaic

glass mosaicWalk into the kitchen of a good cook and you will find spice stored close at hand, ready to be used to give a dish added flavor. Spice enhances and emphasizes, providing subtle impact from a small amount but often quite delicious when used in larger quantities.

Glass mosaic tile is very much like spice in a gourmet cook’s kitchen. It has the ability to be a subtle, enhancing line of shimmering color along an edge or a luminous wall that defines the flavor of the room. Since it is ordinarily found in smaller sizes, it can easily become an accent piece, too.

Add Flavor To Your Tile Project

Come into any of the Montreal showrooms and look at the rainbow of glass mosaic wall and floor tile Écôt Depôt has to offer. It really is like looking at an array of spices, and all you need to do is decide how to use them. There are attractive colors and textures, matte and shining surfaces, solids and translucent tiles with flecks of shimmer in their depths. Glass mosaic tile has many flavors!

The highly trained advisors at our showrooms can answer all your questions about tile and show you the possibilities that can happen in your home.

A good way to start exploring the potential of tile is by using glass mosaic tile in a smaller project like a trivet or tabletop. Some even will be adventurous and cover a lamp or mirror frame with glass mosaic. Trying smaller projects lets you figure out the technique and allows you to develop confidence for moving on to bigger things like a backsplash or counter…perhaps a wall or floor!