Selecting The Right Marble Tile Finish

Glazed finish marble floor tilesMarble floor tiles have been a popular choice for many decades.

Marble flooring dates back to ancient Rome and Greece where it was used profusely. There are buildings from this era that still have their original marble floors – mind you, the buildings themselves have all but disappeared.

Marble is by no means the hardest stone tile available. In fact, it is one of the softest and one of the most attractive floor tiles available, delivering a look that can’t be matched by any other floor tile. Marble is a stone that has been produced through nature over periods of 1,000 years or more. Being a natural product, no two marble tiles will look the same.

How To Make Marble Look Good

When being cut into tiles, producers apply a range of treatments, and these treatments have very different affects. Marble tiles can be glazed and polished to an almost mirror-like finish. It’s a very clean and formal look that catches light and bounces it around the room.

Glazing really highlights the various colors found in marble, probably more so than any other finish. Unfortunately, glazes can wear away over time, and the more use (and misuse) that floor tile receives, the faster the glaze will wear. Glazed marble floor tiles are not well-suited to high traffic areas – they are best left to low traffic areas and for those who have the time to keep them clean. Glazed tiles are also quite slippery so care needs to be taken with their use.

An alternative to a glazed marble floor tile is the honed finish. Honed tiles do not have the glass-like shine that are found in glazed tiles. In fact, they have a matte finish that looks a little more natural. These tiles are much harder wearing and can be used in high traffic areas. Scratches are not so evident on a honed marble floor tile, and the ongoing maintenance is not as intense. Honed tiles are also more slip-resistant than glossy glazed tiles.

The final choice for marble tiles is the tumbled finish. This finish ages the tile a little, providing an almost antique look. These tiles don’t have clean sharp edges that glazed and honed tiles have. Instead, the tumbling will soften and slightly chip the edges whilst rounding the corners. Once installed, the finished look is one of an aged floor – very effective if you are trying to achieve an old world finish to a room. Tumbled tiles have the same properties as honed tiles in that they are less slippery and have a matte finish.

Where To Find Marble Floor Tiles

Marble floor tiles are still popular, and they can deliver decades of service in the right environment. If you like the look of marble floor tiles, come and talk to one of our experts. We can help you select the right type of marble floor tile for your project. The type of finish you select is just as important as the color and the pattern – and you can see a wide range of each marble floor tile type at Éco Dépôt.